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"Roaming through the land where forests grow,
our oceans are breathing, glaciers are strong.
This is the home where you belong."

#portrait #documentary #conservation #environment


Karin grew up in a small village in Amden - Switzerland surrounded by mountains. After training as a photographer, she roamed the world, living with different communities, drawn in by nature, camera by her side. For more than 6 years, Karin has freelanced covering everything from commercials, classical music, to art, NGO's and tourism. Personal projects such as "What Does It Mean To Be Tibetan," which was shown and awarded at the Tibet Film Festival in 2018, "Protect What You Love," which was exhibited in 2019 in Zürich, and her current book project "Chasing Ice - Healing Souls" where she is discovering the connection between nature and mental health, have shaped her ontology.


Today she specializes in environmental photography/filmmaking and is committed to land, water and conservation.


Based in Zurich, Switzerland - available worldwide.


My focus is bringing new perspectives and awareness for climate change, climate justice, conservation, human rights and respecting cultural values.


I believe that it is the experiences people share within these stories that will help protect our Earthly home for future generations.

Contact me for photo and video productions worldwide or in my studio in Zurich.



I used to think we value our Earth home to the fullest. Now I see that we have been steering in the wrong direction, forgetting our connection to nature, losing our relationship to the beauty that is all around us and extracting it's resources as it was owned by humans.

We are taking without giving. 


Forests lost through wildfire, water lost to our greed, ice lost to the sun. 


I feel most at home - surrounded by trees, bees, birds and snowy mountains and I wish for our future generations to experience this too. 


My vision is a world where humans do anything in our power to help the planet thrive as a functioning ecosystem.

I want to showcase the beauty of our endangered home in order to sound the alarm and steer into the direction where we are one with nature again.

If we go into nature - feel, taste and smell everything that is around us - then perhaps we feel that all this is worth protecting. 

of same kollektiv

In 2021 Martina Aulestia and me founded same kollektiv in march 2021.
Our mission is to connect, present and raise awareness for female photographers.
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