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Boundaries Of Our Home

Roaming through the land, forests lost to wildfire, water lost to our greed - ice lost to human kind. Is this where you belong? 

Karin Bischof Fotografin

When Climate Change Hits Home

Due to climate change, extreme weather such as heavy rainfall is becoming more frequent. In August 2022 I documented the flooding of Silvano‘s farm.


Ehe Für Alle

It was an honour to assist in this truly remarkable campaign.

I believe a piece of history was written.

On September 26, 2021, Switzerland voted on marriage for all.

ehe für alle schweiz

Oral History With Sonam Tashi

Traditional Tibetan music is in danger of disappearing due to the fact that it is transmitted through an oral tradition and also because of the cultural and political occupation of Tibet.


Black Hmong Women

Roaming through rice fields and bamboo forest with Su. A courageous, powerful and yet playful spirit. Protecting her land, her traditions, her family - especially her girls in such a mindful way.

Black Hmong Woman_edited.jpg
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