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Sonam Tashi


I've met Sonam Tashi on a traditional Tibetan wedding in Switzerland.

He is the uncle of the bride, Lhadon and has traveled from Canada to Switzerland to not only be there, but to officiate the traditional ceremony. 


After a short conversation it was clear to me that I would like to conduct an interview with him to document valuable knowledge. 


The next day I picked him up and we had important and touching conversations in my studio in front of the camera. 


It begins with very early childhood memories as nomads, about the escape in 1959 from Tibet to India and his creation as a traditional Tibetan musician with the mission to preserve the ancient music of Tibet. Traditional Tibetan music is in danger of disappearing due to the fact that it is transmitted through an oral tradition and also because of the cultural and political occupation of Tibet.

I hope a collaboration like this will bring energy and awareness to the cause of celebrating and preserving Tibetan music and culture.


The whole interview is coming soon. Here are some excerpts of it:

Alle Videos
First memories
My dream
Nomadic lifestyle
Start archiving today
A story not heard is a loss
Who are you?
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